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Steven Green

The Haus Resurfacing machine is used to re-finish a balls surface to original factory specifications. Three Diamond plated wheels uniformly remove all surface scratches leaving a fresh surface for a more consistent ball reaction. This machine also ensures that the ball remains perfectly round and leaves no "flat spots" which can occour around gripping holes when re-finishing a ball by hand.

REVIVOR OVEN - We feature The Revivor Oil removal system by Innovative bowling supply. Todays more aggressive Reactive/Particle bowling balls absorb lane oil while traveling down the lane much as a sponge absorbs water…over time the coverstock will become "oil soaked" and lose a lot of it's reaction and hooking ability. . This unit uses a temperature controlled forced air system to safely draw the lane oil out of a balls coverstock, the balls rotate during the entire process and a specially designed absorption pad removes and collects the lane oil from the balls surface. Most balls are completed within 1 - 1 ˝ hours and react as they did when first purchased.

OVALMATIC SYSTEM II MILL / DRILL PRESS - All ball drilling is performed on the Ovalmatic System II milling machine by Precision Bowling Products. This mill is considered to be the Cadillac of ball drilling machines and is the standard used exclusively on all the Professional Tours since 1979. With the Ovalmatic, once you put the ball into the jig and place the hold down ring on, all three holes can be drilled. Because the jig is gear driven, you can move to your cut lines with ease. Everything remains square in the machine, and splitting cut lines is done effortlessly making ball duplication a piece of cake. Cutting oval thumbholes at the correct angle is a snap because of the jig's protractor base, this feature makes the ovalmatic a full five axis' drilling machine, the only one of it's kind.

BALANCING MACHINE - All balancing is performed on a Kaufman scale which is considered to be the best/most accurate scale in the industry.